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Rigol Technologies is a fast growing Test and Measurement Manufacturer. 2008 marks our 10th year in business and we expect to sell mare than 35,000 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO) this year making RIGOL the #2 DSO manufacturer in the world in terms of units. Rigol Technologies designs and manufacturers all our products at our 20 acre technology campus and fully supports our products here in the USA.

RIGOL Technologies was started in the Summer of 1998. With the help of friends and family for initial start up capital and a supportive professor RIGOL was formed.

The early days were filled with many projects including an aquarium display and control boards for a SW programming class. It was a time of anything to get some revenue. In 1999 development was completed on RIGOL's 1 st Test and measurement Product a Digitizing Oscilloscope that was controlled by a PC the RVO 2100.

In 2000 RIGOL produced our 1 st bench DSO for another manufacturer. The DSO had 100 MSa/s sample rate and up to 100 MHz bandwidth. It was a good scope and in 2001 RIGOL improved the design greatly and created our own product with similar specifications but a superior look and feel and was much more reliable.

It was soon clear that to compete with the major company in the low end market  we would need to achieve a banner specification of 1 GSa/s. We developed an introduced in 2004 the 1 st 1 GSA/s DSO from a smaller manufacturer. This product dramatically increases RIGOL's market position and revenue. Before this product RIGOL total Revenues were < $5 million USD. Today 4 years later we will generate > $30 million in revenue and manufacturer over 35,000 DSO and other products.

The growth in revenue has provided the capital needed to expand our R&D activities and over the past 4 years our lab has grown from ~ 10 engineers in 2004 to close to 100 today in 2008. We now have R&D teams developing many new products in more categories than ever before and plan to introduce a major product every 4 to 6 months.

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