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Cleverscope has been designing and manufacturing test equipment since 2004. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. We make PC hosted, USB/Ethernet connected test equipment. Our flagship mixed signal CS328A-XS uses state of the art 14 bit ADC's running at 100 MSPS, with 8M Samples storage per channel, 10 MHz signal generator, and software to implement Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Digital Logic Analyser and Protocol Analyser functions.

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€1,521.00 tax included
1521.00 € tax excluded Price

CS320A-FRA USB  oscilloscope, 10bit, 100MSa/s, 2-analog , CS701 Isolated Signal Generator 65MHz

CS328A-XS USB,...

€2,087.00 tax included
2087.00 € tax excluded Price

CS328A-XS USB, 2xanalog,8xdigital, 14bit, 100MS/s, MSO, signal generator


€2,229.00 tax included
2229.00 € tax excluded Price

CS328A-XSE 2xanalog,8xdigital, 14bit, 100MS/s, MSO, generator,isol.ethernet


€2,324.00 tax included
2324.00 € tax excluded Price

CS328A-XSEi 2xanalog,8xdigital, 14bit, 100MS/s, MSO, CS701 Signal Generator

CS328A-XSi USB,...

€2,182.00 tax included
2182.00 € tax excluded Price

CS328A-XSi USB, 2xanalog,8xdigital, 14bit, 100MS/s, MSO, signal generator

CS328AE ethernet...

€1,436.00 tax included
1436.00 € tax excluded Price

CS328AE ethernet oscilloscope 10bit,100MSa/s, 2-analog, 8-digital,isolated ethernet