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8 Bit MCUs AVR 8-BIT MCU STM8 MCU PIC12/PIC16 MCU PIC18 MCU C8051F 51 MCU NXP 51 MCU ATMEL 51 MCU WINBOND 51 MCU 32 Bit MCUs SAMSUNG ARM ATMEL ARM LPC ARM STM32 ARM CPLD & FPGA ALTERA PLD ATMEL PLD XILINX PLD Lattice PLD Memory RAM FLASH EEPROM F-RAM Secure Memory Signal Processors Optocouplers Sensors Operational Amplifiers Comparators Audio Power Amplifiers Data Converters TI(BB) ADC AD ADC Other ADC TI(BB) DAC AD DAC Other DAC Interface USB Ethernet CC RF RS232 RS485 Power Management General Voltage Regulators POWER Switcher ICs IRF MOSFET DC/DC Converters Peripherals RTC Processor Companion 74 Series Logic Devices General Peripherals Programmers & Debuggers ALTERA Series XILINX Series CC RF Series PIC Series C8051F Series AVR Series STM8 Series STM32 Series Development Boards ALTERA Boards XILINX Boards PIC Boards C8051F Boards AVR Boards STM8 Boards ARM STM32 Boards ARM LPC Boards Cortex-A Boards Raspberry Pi Sockets & Adapters Test & Burn-in Sockets Programming Adapters AVR Adapters STM8 Adapters STM32 Adapters PIC Adapters Modules Communication Wireless Audio/Video Sensors OLED/LCD Misc Accessories

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*dostupne Jan.2020*...

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*dostupne Jan.2020* MLX90640 IR Array Thermal Imaging Camera, 32×24 Pixels, 55° FOV (WS-17220)

0.96inch OLED (B)...

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0.96inch OLED (B) (Waveshare)  128x64, 3/4-wire SPI, I2C, SSD1306, 3.3/5V, yellow-blue