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ST178H Infrared Photo Reflective Sensor (ER-SLS01012S)

ST178H Infrared Photo Reflective Sensor (ER-SLS01012S)

ST178H infrared optical sensor module is a design based ST178H sensor, an infrared reflection-type photoelectric switch. The sensor uses infrared photodiode of high transmit power and high sensitivity phototransistor, the output signal through the Schmitt circuit shaping, stable and reliable.

Application Idea

  • Obstacle Detection
  • black and white line recognition
  • watt-hour meter pulse data sampling



  • Dimensions: 37.5mm*7.8mm
  • Working voltage: the DC 3V ~ 5.5V, recommended operating voltage of 5V
  • Range: 2mm ~ 10mm applicable, the focus distance of 4mm ~ 5mm


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