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RAMDISK 8MB (8Mx8) 8Mbytes with 8bit parallel access


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RAMDISK 8MB (8Mx8) 8Mbytes with 8bit parallel access


Does your small MCU need Large External Memory?

8Mbytes External Memory with 8bit parallel access

Works with 11 signals only - 8 data and 3 control lines

Zero latencies and unlimited write endurance

Up to 15MB/sec write and 12MB/sec read throughput

Byte access as well as block access with auto-increment

Auto-decrement configurable

Minimal data bus width 4 bits

Module select signal for more modules in parallel

Supports standard memory bus signaling

Supports PMP, EMB, FSMC, etc. external memory interfaces

Easy bit-banging for 3.3V Arduino™ compatible platforms

Support on retrobsd.org and arduino.cc forums

Built around 70ns PSRAM and CPLD controller

Module requires max 3.3V signals and power voltage

Module size 50x28.5mm with 3mm mounting holes

Header 14 pins 0.1" (2.54mm) for easy bread-boarding

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