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      MSO8204 4x2GHz +MSO8000-BND FREE 16Digital, 10GSa/S, 500Mpts, 600.000Wfms/S

      MSO8204 +BND FREE
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      MSO8204 4x2GHz +MSO8000-BND FREE 16Digital, 10GSa/S, 500Mpts, 600.000Wfms/S

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      MSO8204 4x2GHz +MSO8000-BND FREE 16Digital, 10GSa/S, 500Mpts, 600.000Wfms/S 

      For all new order of ULTRA VISION II devices  MSO8000 we providing the bundle option for free


      The MSO8000 Series Oscilloscopes combine best in class sampling and memory depth with our modern, flexible User Interface enabled by our new UltraVision II architecture and innovative Phoenix Chipset. With 600 MHz,1 GHz, and 2 GHz models each with 4 analog channels the MSO8000 Series brings RIGOL UltraVision II performance to the high speed engineering bench. The MSO8000 also adds Jitter and Real-time Eye Analysis capabilities in addition to other UltraVision II functions including zone triggering, 7 instruments in one, Enhanced FFTs, color grading, and histograms all supported by the high sample rate, deep memory, and full memory measurements.

      Product FeatureCustomer Benefit
        10G Sa/s Max Sample Rate  Visualize fine resolution and signal detail
        500 MPt Useful Long Record Length  Find elusive problems in complex digital streams with long acquisitions at high sample rates
        Jitter & Real-Time Eye Diagram Analysis  Evaluate signal fidelity with analysis tools that previously too expensive including Jitter and Real-Time Eye. Visualize subtle timing issues that have gone unnoticed in a high speed design.
        600,000 wfms/s Waveform Capture rate  Minimize scope “dead time” between trigger events and increases observations of random and sporadic events.
        Protocol Analysis for today’s common serial communication buses  Trigger, decode, and visualize serial bus traffic to speed analysis and debug of Embedded Serial Bus designs
        Enhanced Color FFT  Capture and analyze in the frequency domain using the enhanced color FFT to visualize transient high-speed signals





      MSO8204 +BND FREE

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