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Advanced Kit for Arduino Crowtail (ER-CT0077KIT)

Advanced Kit for Arduino Crowtail (ER-CT0077KIT)

Reference: ER-CT0077KIT

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Advanced Kit for Arduino Crowtail (ER-CT0077KIT)

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Advanced Kit for Arduino Crowtail (ER-CT0077KIT)

We guess that most of our users can build simple project skilled with our crowtail- starter kit. It time to show you more wonderful things in Arduino world! This useful kit for customers to build more practical projects with Arduino called Crowtail- Advanced Kit. It consists of a base shield, a crowduino and various practical modules with standardized connectors. Each module has powerful functions that can development lots of projects. but they are also be simple to use, just create projects with plugging them together. There are also 13 detailed lessons to help you climb the Arduino “mountain”! Maybe there are something amazing occur to your works.
If you want to buy the Crowtail- Starter kit and Crowtail- Deluxe Kit. Click on the name to jump.


  • 13 detailed lessons to lead your experiment
  • 22 kinds of modules
  • Arduino friendly
  • Plug and play
  • More powerful functions


  • Case sizes(length x width x height): 232mm x 162mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 477g

Package list

  • Crowtail- Base Shield x1
  • Crowduino x 1
  • Crowtail- Button x1
  • Crowtail- Buzzer x1
  • Crowtail- LED(Red) x1
  • Crowtail- LED(Green) x1
  • Crowtail- Touch Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- RTC x1
  • Crowtail- Temperature& Humidiy Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- IR Reflective Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- IR Receiver x1
  • Crowtail- MOSFET x1
  • Crowtail- Water Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- Thumb Joystick x1
  • Crowtail- 9G Servo x1
  • Crowtail- Serial Wifi x1
  • Crowtail- Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- Flame Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- PIR Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- 4-Digit Display x1
  • Crowtail- I2C LCD x1
  • DC motor x1
  • Infrared Remote Control x1

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