Teensy++ (AT90USB1286 USB dev board) + header - AT90USB1286 (Adafruit 731)

Teensy++ (AT90USB1286 USB dev board) + header - AT90USB1286 (Adafruit 731)

Reference: AF-731

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Teensy++ (AT90USB1286 USB dev board) + header - AT90USB1286 (Adafruit 731)


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Teensy++ (AT90USB1286 USB dev board) + header - AT90USB1286 (Adafruit 731)

The Teensy++ is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system, in a very small footprint! All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. Its the big sister version of the popular Teensy board we carry, this board has tons of FLASH, RAM, pins and more. This is the latest version, 2.0.

Key Features:

  • USB can be any type of device
  • AVR processor, 16 MHz
  • Single pushbutton programming
  • Easy to use Teensy Loader application
  • Free software development tools
  • Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
  • Tiny size, perfect for many projects
  • Comes with headers pins that you can solder on to plug it into any solderless breadboard

Comes with assembled Teensy++ board (AT90USB1286 with bootloader preinstalled) and header to allow easy breadboarding. We suggest using AVR-gcc (like WinAVR) with the LUFA library or 'Teensyduino' Be sure to check out the multiple resources available at PJRC!


  • FLASH: 130048 bytes available
  • RAM: 8192 bytes
  • EEPROM: 4096 bytes
  • IO: 46 pins
  • ADC: 8 analog inputs (multiplexed to one ADC)
  • PWM: 9 outputs
  • UART, I2C and SPI hardware interfaces
  • Dimensions: 2" x 0.7"

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