Arduino LCD216 (ANDUINO-LCD216)

nahradene IM120417018 / ER-MCS01602M * Arduino LCD216 (ANDUINO-LCD216)

Reference: LCD216

nahradene IM120417018 / ER-MCS01602M * Arduino LCD216 (ANDUINO-LCD216)



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nahradene IM120417018 / ER-MCS01602M * Arduino LCD216 (ANDUINO-LCD216)

ARD LCD216 SHIELD - is a complete and already soldered shield with 2x16 sign blue LCD display and five buttons, compatible with Arduino board. It makes unbelievably easy for users to communicate with Arduino via PC, as well as, via buttons or display – it opens new opportunities for you. Don't waste your time looking for libraries - ARD LCD216 SHIELD has them included! Thanks to this you are able to build your own display in literally 5 minutes. 

• 2x16 display with blue backlight driver based on the HD44870
• five buttons connected to one analogue input pin
• built-in potentiometer to adjust contrast
• library support for LCD and buttons
• 100% compatible with the Arduino project


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