Edison V2.0 Programmable Robot with EdComm programming cable

Edison V2.0 +Building Blocks Programmable Robot with EdComm prog. cable

Reference: EDISON-V2.0+BLOCK

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Edison V2.0 +Building Blocks Programmable Robot with EdComm prog. cable


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Edison V2.0 +Building Blocks Programmable Robot with EdComm prog. cable

Edison V2.0+ Building Blocks DIY Toys for Children Education Compatible with LEGO (ER-CTD28013B)


The Edison Programmable Robot is for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. You can buy a single robot and learn computer programming just like other robotics systems which can cost much, much more. Edison is a great resource for teachers as classroom sets are now very affordable for schools - it's now possible to have one robot per student. Edison is modular and LEGO® compatible. It provides a scalable way to build any size robotic invention.

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  • Edison V2.0 has wheel encoders
  • Wheel encoders allow Edison to travel specific distances at exact speeds
  • Clutch mechanism
  • Edison V2.0 has upgraded motor drive components that deliver more power to the wheels
  • Longer range obstacle detection
  • Longer battery life
  • Works with LEGO

Edison can:

  • Navigate his way around by detecting obstacles to his left or right
  • Be controlled by a standard TV/DVD remote
  • Follow a line or stay within a boarder
  • Follow a flash light
  • Communicate with another Edison using infrared light - robot swarm anyone
  • Play beeps and musical tunes
  • Respond to clapping and other loud sounds
  • Move in any direction through his differential drive system
  • Infrared obstacle detectors (left and right)

Edison has:

  • Line tracking sensor
  • Light sensors (left and right)
  • Infrared receiver
  • Infrared transmitter
  • Piezo sounder
  • Sound sensor
  • Two motors with variable speeds
  • Left and right red LED lights
  • Three control buttons

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