RFu developer board (CISECO K057)
      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)

      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)

      CISECO K057

      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)

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      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)

      A really useful addition to the RFu. This kit makes prototyping much easier. The RFu is a stripped out Arduino compatible, some people find the leap between a "full fat" Arduino and the RFu a little large, this product bridges that gap and brings back some easy to use features when building projects.

      Comes as a self asembly kit  of 5 parts

      1. Gold finished PCB
      2. 2 x 10 way 2mm sockets
      3. 6 pin male header
      4. 0.1uf capacitor)



      • Can support a single PowerPod module (step up or step down)
      • Can support the stackable I/O pods (eg SD card, RTC)
      • Can support an AA or AAA battery for use with the step up PowerPod (battery clips available separately)
      • Has a 6 pin FTDI style header to perform program uploads via serial 
      • A small prototyping area, laid out the same as a mini breadboard (you can stick a bread board here also)
      • PCB fits into our low cost ABS box
      • Gold immersion finished PCB for longevity
      • PCB Dimensions: 79.5mm x 61mm x 1.6mm


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      PODs (power and I/O)


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      CISECO K057

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      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)

      RFu developer board (CISECO K057)