Arch GPRS Kit (Seeed ARD08201P)

Arch GPRS Kit (Seeed ARD08201P)

Reference: ARD08201P

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Arch GPRS Kit (Seeed ARD08201P)



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Arch GPRS Kit (Seeed ARD08201P)

Arch GPRS is similar to Seeeduino Arch, it also use Microcontroller LPC11U24. So you can use mbed compambed C/C++ SDK, libraries and optimizing online development tools to rapidly build a prototype. Arch GPRS is also a wireless network module based on EG-10, it can achive remote data colletion function to communicate with outside world by GPRS network. Arch GPRS has standard Arduino interface and Grove connectors. It’s convenient to connect existing Shields and Grove products to Arch GPRS. You can use the solar panel to charge for battery, and own to its low-power design, so Arch GPRS can work normally in outdoor.

  • mbed enabled
  • online development tools
  • easy to use C/C++ SDK
  • lots of published libraries, projects
  • NXP LPC11U24 Controller
  • Low power ARM Cortex-M0 Core
  • 32KB Flash, 8KB RAM, 4KB EEPROM
  • USB Device, 2xSPI, UART, I2C
  • EG-10 Module
  • Support wireless upgrade EG-10 firmware
  • Support external SIM card:1.8V/3.3V
  • Compatible standard AT Command
  • Equip with RTC function
  • Select automatically USB5V or Solar panel to charge a battery



  • Arch GPRS
  • Battery 1000mAh-3.7V
  • Solar Panel 5V-110mA
  • Waterproof Box



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