USB2241-AEZG-06  QFN36  (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE
      USB2241-AEZG-06  QFN36  (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE

      USB2241-AEZG-06 QFN36 (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE

      USB2241 AEZG-06

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      USB2241-AEZG-06  QFN36  (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE

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      USB2241-AEZG-06 (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE


      Ultra Fast USB 2.0 Multi-Format, SD/MMC,
      and MS Flash Media Controllers

      Ultra Fast USB 2.0 Multi-Format, SD/MMC and MS Flash Media Controllers

      The SMSC USB224x is a USB 2.0 compliant, Hi-Speed bulk only1 mass storage class peripheral controller intended for reading and writing to popular flash media from the xDPicture

      CardTM (xD)2, Memory Stick® (MS), Secure Digital (SD), and MultiMediaCardTM (MMC) families. The SMSC USB224x is a fully integrated, single chip solution capable of ultra high performance operation. Average sustained transfer rates exceeding 35 MB/s are

      possible if the media and host can support those rates. The USB2244/44i includes provisions to read/write secure media formats.


      General Features

       Low pin count 36-pin QFN (6x6 mm) lead-free RoHS compliant package

       USB2240/40i/41/41i— Targeted for ap. in which single or "combo" media sockets are used

       Hardware-controlled data flow architecture for all selfmapped media

       Pipelined hardware support for access to non-selfmapped media

       Order number with “i” denote the products that support the industrial  range of -40ºC to 85ºC

       Support included for secure media format on a licensed,customized basis

      — USB2244/44i: SD Secure

      — USB2242/42i: Sony MagicGateTM


      Hardware Features

       Single chip flash media controller with

      — USB2240/40i/41/4i: multiplexed interface for use with “combo” card sockets

      — USB2242/42i: MS flash media reader/writer

      — USB2244/44i: SD/MMC flash media reader/writer

       SDIO and MMC Streaming Mode support

       Extended configuration options

      — xD player mode operation

      — Socket switch polarities,

       GPIO configuration and polarity

      — Up to 8 GPIOs for special function use

      — One GPIO with up to 200 mA drive

       On board 24 MHz crystal driver circuit

       Optional external 24 MHz clock input3

       Internal card power FET

      — 200 mA

      — "Fold-back" short circuit protection

       8051 8-bit microprocessor

      — 60 MHz - single cycle execution

      — 64 KB ROM | 14 KB RAM

       Supports a single external 3.3 V supply source; internal regulators provide 1.8 V internal core voltage for additional bill of materials and power savings

       Optimized pinout improves signal routing which eases implementation for improved signal integrity


      Flash Media Specification Compliance

       Secure Digital 2.0

      — HS-SD, SDHC

      — TransFlashTM and reduced form factor media

       MultiMediaCard 4.2

      — 1/4/8-bit MMC

       Memory Stick Formats

      — MS 1.43, Pro 1.02, Duo 1.10

      — Pro-HG Duo 1.01

      – MS, MS Duo, HS-MS, MS Pro-HG, MS Pro

       xD-Picture Card 1.2


      Software Features

       Customizable vendor specific data

       Optimized for low latency interrupt handling

       Reduced memory footprintApplications

       Flash media card reader/writers

       Desktop and mobile PCs

       Printers

       Consumer A/V and media players/viewers

       Compatible with

      – Microsoft® VistaTM and Vista ReadyBoostTM

      – Windows® XP, ME, 2K SP4

      – Apple Mac OSx®

      – Linux Mass Storage Class Drivers

      USB2241 AEZG-06
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      USB2241-AEZG-06  QFN36  (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE

      USB2241-AEZG-06 QFN36 (Microchip / SMC) USB INTERFACE


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