micro:bit robit smart car(without micro:bit board)EF08195

Reference: EF-08195

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micro:bit robit smart car(without micro:bit board)EF08195

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micro:bit robit smart car(without micro:bit board)EF08195


Robit smart car is a kind of smart car which is based on micro:bit and ElecFreaks robit. Besides the RJ25 wiring port and motor port in Mbot, the robit is also equipped with 2-way DC motor connectors , 2-way stepping motor connectors(Stepping motor connectors and 4-way DC motor connectors are multiplexed ) and 8-way PWM signal output connectors. It can drive PWM signal driving devices like servo. It has 8-way G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks) and 4-way G-5V-S analog signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks). Robit can realize all current basic functions of MBOT and it can be regarded as the new generation of Mbot.



Support 4 channels of DC motor and 2 channels of stepping motors.
With 8-way PWM signal output connectors.
With 8-way G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).
With 4-way G-5V-S analog signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).
DC power supply input voltage: DC 3.7V-6V.
Lithium battery power supply input voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V.


Diagram for Installment of Chassis

Step 1: Install TT motor with four M3*25 countersunk screws


Step 2: Attach the hook side of HOOK & LOOP to the aluminum chassis.


Step 3: Fasten the four 4*6 single-pass coppers with four nuts to the Robit board.


Step 4: Fasten the four M3*30 single-pass coppers on the aluminum chassis.


Step 5: Fasten the Robit board with four M3*5 screws to the aluminum chassis.


Step 6: Install the Fender with M4*5 screws.


Step 7: Install the universal wheel and line-following module with 2 M4*10 countersunk screws.


Step 8: Install the wheels.


Step 9: Install 2 M4*6+6 single-pass copper cylinders on the head of the car.


Step 10: Install sonar module with 2 M4*5 screws.


Step 11: Stick the loop side of the Hook&Loop onto the battery.


Finished Products


Finished Products


Sample Code

Click "Add Package" and search with "robit", then add the robit package. 

The code of moving forward is listed below, you can have your car moving forward after downloading.


Technical Parameter

Name Robit Smart Car
Version V1.0
SKU EF08195
Motor Type TT Motor
Wheels Number 2
Line-following Support
Sonar Support
Power Source Lithium Battery
Net Weight 426g
Dimension of Finished Products 170mm x 128mm x 98mm

Packing List

Chassis 1
Robit 1
Sonar bit 1
Dual Line-following Modules 1
TT Motor 2
Screws Package 1



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