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      SparkFun gator:UV micro:bit Accessory Board (SF-SEN-15273)

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      SparkFun gator:UV  micro:bit Accessory Board (SF-SEN-15273)

      The SparkFun gator:UV micro:bit Accessory Board is an ultraviolet sensing solution created to interface with the micro:bit as easily as possible. As part of SparkFun's gator:bit series of alligator-clippable accessories, it can be easily interfaced with the micro:bit or other microcontrollers via the SparkFun gator:bit! This sensor board a great solution for monitoring the UV light exposure in your next experiment! The gator:UV is designed around the VEML6070, an advanced UV light sensor that communicates over an I2C bus, incorporating a photodiode, amplifiers, and analog/digital circuits all into a single chip. The UV Light Sensor Breakout has measures UVA (365 ±10nm) radiation and converts the ultraviolet light intensity into digital data for you to read.


      • gator:bit Compatible
      • Operating Voltage: 1.7V-3.6V
      • Supply Current: 480 µA
      • UVA Resolution: 0.93 counts/µW/cm2
      • UVA Resolution: 2.1 counts/µW/cm2



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