MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom
      MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom

      MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom

      MB158-V2.2 (MEFV2G)

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      MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom

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      MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom

      BBC Micro:Bit V2.2

      BBC Micro:Bit V2 - vylepšená verzia (pcrevue.sk)

      Sada obsahuje / Kit Contents :

      1. BBC Micro:bit V2
      2. USB Cable
      3. Battery Holder
      4. User Guide
      5. 2x AAA Batteries

      Datasheet (Download) micro:bit V2
      Meet the new BBC micro:bit - Now with speaker and microphone

      K dispozícii je nový editor Python pre BBC micro:bit

      Jednoduchšie a príťažlivejšie pre študentov vo veku od 10 rokov.

      There’s a new Python editor for BBC micro:bit

      It’s designed to make text-based programming 

      simpler and more appealing for students aged from 10. 

      The latest revision of the BBC micro:bit is designed to be completely familiar to anyone who has used the original device. It’s the same size, shape, looks very similar, and works in the same way. Every programme that could run on a micro:bit version 1 can be re-built to run on the latest revision. The editors will support both versions simultaneously for features common to both boards,for example the motion sensor, LEDs, buttons etc. The latest revision builds upon the current micro:bit experience by refining the board and adding widely requested sound making and sensing capabilities. Amongst the micro:bit features, ‘sound’ is in a unique position of being already present in the editors, but not on the board, so it is already familiar to teachers, yet the speaker and microphone on the board are transformative in the kinds of applications people can build.


      • On board speaker
      • MEMs Microphone with LED indicator
      • Touch sensitive logo
      • Built-in sleep/off mode that means the board can be powered-down with batteries connected
      • Discrete regulator that can supply up to 190mA of current to external accessories


      • Notched edge connector. To make it easier to connect things like crocodile clips and conductive thread
      • Power LED indicator. In addition to the USB activity indicator, a power LED shows whether the micro:bit is powered on or off
      • Gold plated antenna. To easily identify the radio/Bluetooth component

      Hardware specification

      Detailed breakdown on our V2 hardware page

      • Target MCU, Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 (64MHz Cortex-M4F, 512kB Flash, 128kB RAM)
      • Interface MCU: NXP KL27, 256kB Flash (128kB reserved for future enhancement), 32kB RAM
      • Motion sensor: ST LSM303
      • MEMS microphone: Knowles SPU0410LR5H-QB-7 MEMS
      • Power consumption 300mA (up to 190mA for accessories)

      Hardware block diagram

      v2 block


      These pages provide further guidance on the updates for different audiences.

      Guidance for editor developers

      Guidance for accessory makers

      Guidance for content producers


      Universal Editors & Universal Hex Files

      In an effort to ensure the greatest degree of continuity for teachers, users will not need to select which version of the device they have before using MakeCode or the Python Editor. Instead, the editors will suport a new format called “universal hex” which can run on both micro:bit V1 and micro:bit V2 (more below)

      This means that you can use MakeCode or the online Python Editor as you always have, to use all of the features that are common to both version of the BBC micro:bit: Display, buttons, motion sensing, gestures like shake, light sensing, and even the Music blocks.

      MB158-V2.2 (MEFV2G)

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      MICRO-BIT V2.2 GO BUNDLE (micro:bit V2) sada so zakladnym prislusenstvom


      18.60 € tax excl.