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      PlanetX Laser (EF05013)

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      PlanetX Laser (EF05013)

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      PlanetX Laser (EF05013)


      The PlanetX Laser module is composed of three parts: a light emitting core, a condenser lens, and an adjustable sleeve, which can emit a red light beam after powering on. It is the best choice for making laser pistols or cat sticks.


      What is PlanetX?

      RJ11 connection diagram

      Simplify the hardware connections to make the teaching much easier in classes.

      NEZHA Inventor_s kit for micro:bit

      Compatible to Lego bricks

      Compatible to the salient points and plugs of Lego bricks and make it possible to create new projects with your ideas.

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      Compatible to Fischertechnik

      Fichertechnik special adapter with more choices available.

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      Color recognition system

      Special Color recognition system,identify the ports of digital,analog and IIC with the colored labels.

      NEZHA Inventor_s kit for micro:bit






      Item Parameter
      Connections RJ11 4P4C
      Power 3.3V
      Connections type Digit input
      Light spot size the light spot at 15 meters is φ10mm~ φ15mm


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      PlanetX Laser 1



      PlanetX Laser


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