LV-32MX v6 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA 487)
      LV-32MX v6 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA 487)

      LV-32MX v6 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA 487)

      LV-32MX v6 Development System

      LV-32MX v6 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA 487)

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      LV 32MX v6 is a development system that supports 64- and 100-pin PIC32MX microcontrollers. Very fast, on-board USB 2.0 programmer with a simplified driver installation. TFT Color Display 320x240 with Touch Screen is used to show advanced visual messages.  Stereo Codec with an integrated headphone driver, headphone and microphone connectors.  MMC/SD cards enable you to add mass storage support to your prototype device.  8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory Module is used for fast read/write storage application development.


      LV 32MX v6 is a full-featured development system used for developing and testing PIC32 MCUs. This tool provides a complete, high-quality, development platform supporting PIC32MX devices. Due to numerous built-in modules, such as TFT Color Display 320x240 with Touch Screen, Stereo Codec, CAN, Serial Flash, Serial ROM and many others, the LV 32MX v6 development system offers many multimedia features for developing advanced graphic, audio, memory and storage applications.


      On-Board USB 2.0 Programmer - PIC32Flash

      On-board USB 2.0 programmer PIC32Flash doesn't use bootloader or any similar software for programming. The whole PIC32MX memory and all pins are available to you. This is also a USB PIC32MX In-System programmer ideal for your future projects. The PIC32MX programmer is driven by a single USB port on a PC. No additional A/C power adapter is needed. The programmer is recognized by Windows® (Windows® 98/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7), which simplifies the driver installation. The programmer board is specifically designed for In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP).

      Supported Microcontrollers

      The LV 32MX v6 development system supports a wide range of PIC32MX microcontrollers. Newly released PIC32MX microcontrollers will be supported by a new version of PIC32Flash software that is updated regularly. Here is a list of microcontrollers supported by LV32MX:

      PIC32MX Microcontroller Family
      PIC32MX320F032H PIC32MX320F064H PIC32MX320F128H PIC32MX320F128L
      PIC32MX340F128H PIC32MX340F128L PIC32MX340F256H PIC32MX340F512H
      PIC32MX360F256L PIC32MX360F512L PIC32MX420F032H PIC32MX440F128H
      PIC32MX440F128L PIC32MX440F256H PIC32MX440F512H PIC32MX460F256L
      PIC32MX460F512L PIC32MX575F256H PIC32MX575F256L PIC32MX575F512H
      PIC32MX575F512L PIC32MX675F256H PIC32MX675F256L PIC32MX675F512H
      PIC32MX675F512L PIC32MX695F512H PIC32MX695F512L PIC32MX775F256H
      PIC32MX775F256L PIC32MX775F512H PIC32MX775F512L PIC32MX795F512H

      Package Details

      The LV-32MX v6 development system is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation and product CD. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. Note: Pencil, MMC/SD Card and Serial Cable are not included in the price. The package contains:

      • LV 32MX v6 development system.
      • MCU card with PIC32MX460F512L.
      • USB cable.
      • CD with software, drivers and examples in C.
      • Printed documentation.
      LV-32MX v6 Development System

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