W1005N Anti-Collision Warning LiDAR (SE-114991375)

W1005N Anti-Collision Warning LiDAR (SE-114991375)

Reference: SE-114991375

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W1005N Anti-Collision Warning LiDAR (SE-114991375)

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W1005N Anti-Collision Warning LiDAR (SE-114991375)


W1005N(I) Anti-Collision LiDAR is designed by Leishen which can be good used in Collision-avoidance for AGV/RGV/Robot and Area Security. W1005N(I) provides 15 areas for users writing and download detection area into laser scanner. users can choose one detection area as its working detection area through inputting 4 switching value signals. W1005N(I) has 5m detection range within 270degree scan limit which enables users to free-set the detection area according to actual environment.

W1005N adopts TOF principle which is spinning inside and realize 5m detection range within 270degree. The Scan frequency is 3-11Hz, Scan Angular resolution is 1 degree. Setting laser scanner detection area by connecting PC’s software with USB, each area can set 3 kinds of shape output. Detection area can be shifted by inputting switch value signal 15 filed sets at most). The front of the W1005N represents the 0degree Angle   


  • AGV Collision-avoidance.

  • Movable robot Collision-avoidance

  • Security- Area Protection.


D-Sub port connect to electrical cable, one end is a 15-pin d-sub socket, other end is 15 discrete wires.

Below sheet is the definition of these pin.


Setting filed set by inputting switching value of the corresponding filed set.




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