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      RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z
      • RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z
      • RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z

      RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z

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      RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z

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      RPL1116 (RIGOL) logic probe for MSO1000Z

      Standard logic probe for MSO1000Z. Upgrades a DS1000Z Plus or DS1000Z-S Plus to an equivalent MSO.

      Product Overview

      Being a high-performance active logic probe, RPL1116 connects the digital signals under test to the MSO1000Z series digital oscilloscope to realize the logic analyzer function. The 16 digital channels (D0-D15) of RPL1116 are divided into two channel groups (D0-D7 and D8-D15) each of which includes signal interfaces and ground interfaces. All the channels are marked with different numbers on the label of the probe head to identify different channels. RPL1116 provides 16 signal leads and 16 ground leads to realize flexible connection of signals and reference ground. Users can calibrate the probe zero by using the auto-calibration function in the LA menu of the oscilloscope.

      Probe Specifications

      • Input channels 16
      • Threshold range ±15 V
      • Threshold accuracy ±100m V+3% of threshold setting
      • Max input voltage ±40 V
      • Max input dynamic range ±10 V + threshold setting Min voltage swing 500 mV
      • Min detectable pulse width 10 ns
      • Input impedance 100 kΩ±2%
      • Input capacitance About 8 pF
      • Cable length About 90 cm
      • Lead length About 25 cm
      • Operation environment 0℃~50℃, 0~80%RH
      • Storage environment -20℃~60℃, 0~90%RH
      • RPL1116 User Manual

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