AX-3003L-3 (AXIOMET) Zdroj  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,   5VDC /  3A

AX-3003L-3 (AXIOMET) Zdroj 0-30VDC/ 0-3A, 0-30VDC/ 0-3A, 5VDC / 3A

Reference: AX-3003L-3

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AX-3003L-3 (AXIOMET) Zdroj  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,   5VDC /  3A


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AX-3003L-3 (AXIOMET) Zdroj  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,  0-30VDC/ 0-3A,   5VDC /  3A

This series includes two-way and three-way DC regulated power supply. Three-way have high accuracy output, of which two way are adjustable and one way is fixed. The two adjustable outputs can be selected for constant voltage (C.V.) or constant current (C.C.), designed in high stability and performance circuit. In constant voltage operation mode, the output voltage can be arbitrarily adjusted from 0V on to the nominal range. In constant current operation mode, the output current can be adjusted from 0A on in the nominal range. The two outputs can be connected in parallel or in series, while the master adjust controls the voltage and current setting. The fixed output voltage is 5V. This output features good stability and low ripple along with overload (e.g. short circuit) protection. The unit features small size and excellent performance combined with an elegant design, being ideal for research, university, industry and appliance maintenance laboratories.


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