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      PowerPOD NCP1402 3V3 (CISECO B016)
      • PowerPOD NCP1402 3V3 (CISECO B016)

      * replaced PRT-10967 * PowerPOD NCP1402 3V3 (CISECO B016)

      CISECO B016

      * replaced PRT-10967 * PowerPOD NCP1402 3V3 (CISECO B016)

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      * replaced PRT-10967 * PowerPOD NCP1402 3V3 (CISECO B016)

      This PowerPOD is capable of taking a 1v to 3v input to give a 3.3v "steped up" regulated output. It's often used to power 3.3v devices from 1 or 2 AA batteries.

      The Power POD range make it really easy to swap, test, develop and build your projects. Rather than simple break out boards, all Power PODs follow the same layout so they are interchangeable. The layout is also the same as the venerable 7805 style regulator:

      • Power PODs are the same 4 pin layout (swap and change with ease)
      • Power PODs are pre built (all those tiny surface mount parts you dont have to worry about)
      • Range of supported voltages with similar shaped modules  (step up, step down, liner regulators and chargers all in the series)
      • Some regulators support enable or bypass (extra functionality accessed with ease)


      • NCP1402 Step Up Micropower Regulator
      • Input - 1-3V
      • Output - 3V3
      • Max Current - 120mA
      • Comon Pinout accross the PowerPOD Range
      • Made in the UK

      Technical data

      Dimensions: 15mm x 17mm x 6.1mm


      Regulator Datasheet - NCP1402


      PowerPOD range guide on OpenMicros

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      CISECO B016

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