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      mikroDrive Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)
      • mikroDrive Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

      mikroDrive Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

      mikroDrive Board
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      mikroDrive Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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      mikroDrive Board is a development tool with high-current Darlington arrays.


      The board includes a ULN2804 with a power supply selection - VCC or VCC external.


      On-board screw-terminated connectors enable easy connection with peripheral modules.


      The mikroDrive Board features a high-current Darlington arrays ULN2804 suitable for interfacing between a low-level logic circuitry and multiple peripheral power loads. Typical power loads with over 260 W (350 mA x 8, 95 V) may have drivers turned on simultaneously. Typical loads include relays, solenoids, stepping motors, magnetic print hammers, multiplexed LED and incandescent displays, and heaters. All devices feature open-collector outputs with integral clamp diodes.


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      mikroDrive Board

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