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18FJprog with mikroICD is a programmer and in-circuit debugger for PIC18FxxJxx microcontrollers. Very fast, on-board USB 2.0 programmer with a simplified driver installation.  mikroICD is a hardware tool designed for testing and debugging programs on PIC18FxxJxx MCUs.


By connecting to a prototype device, the programmer becomes IN-SYSTEM programmer. One of the possible ways of connecting 18FJprog with mikroICD to a microcontroller is via an IDC10 connector. Refer to figure above. You just have to put one 2x5 connector between the microcontroller and other on-board components. By inserting the 18FJprog connector you will be able to perform PIC 18FxxJxx In System programming.

2 in 1 Development Tool - On-Board USB 2.0 programmer + On-Board mikroICD (In-Circuit Debugger): mikroICD is a highly effective tool for Real-Time debugging at hardware level. It enables you to execute mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic programs on a host PIC18FxxJxx microcontroller and monitor variable values, Special Function Registers (SFRs), RAM and EEPROM memory modules while the program is running. There is also an ultra fast USB 2.0 programmer for MCU programming that now supports a wide range of PIC18FxxJxx MCUs.

The microcontroller is connected to the 18FJprog programmer via 5 lines, two of which are +5V and GND. Unlike programmers whose operation is based on bootloaders and need to put a part of their memory at a bootload program's disposal, 18FJprog programs the microcontroller externally so that the entire memory is available to the programmer. ICSP mode is an in-circuit programming mode that allows you to read and write to PIC 18FxxJxx device memory. The ICSP interface is a 2-wire serial protocol implemented through the PGC and PGD pins. The PGC pin is used as a clock input pin and the clock source must be provided by the programmer. The PGD pin is used for sending command data and receiving response data to and from the programmer, respectively.


Supported Microcontrollers

The 18FJprog programmer supports a wide range of microcontrollers including over 60 PIC18FxxJxx microcontrollers. Newly released PIC18FxxJxx microcontrollers will be supported by a new version of 18FJprog software that is updated regularly. Here is a list of microcontrollers supported by the 18FJprog programmer:

PIC18FxxJxx Microcontroller Family
PIC18F24J10 PIC18LF24J10 PIC18F25J10 PIC18LF25J10 PIC18F44J10 PIC18LF44J10 PIC18F45J10 PIC18LF45J10
PIC18F66J60 PIC18F66J65 PIC18F67J60 PIC18F86J60 PIC18F86J65 PIC18F87J60 PIC18F96J60 PIC18F96J65
PIC18F97J60 PIC18F63J11 PIC18F64J11 PIC18F65J11 PIC18F83J11 PIC18F84J11 PIC18F85J11 PIC18F63J90
PIC18F64J90 PIC18F65J90 PIC18F83J90 PIC18F84J90 PIC18F85J90 PIC18F65J10 PIC18F66J10 PIC18F67J10
PIC18F85J10 PIC18F86J10 PIC18F87J10 PIC18F65J15 PIC18F66J15 PIC18F85J15 PIC18F86J15 PIC18F66J11
PIC18F67J11 PIC18F86J11 PIC18F87J11 PIC18F66J16 PIC18F86J16 PIC18F65J50 PIC18F66J50 PIC18F67J50
PIC18F85J50 PIC18F86J50 PIC18F87J50 PIC18F66J55 PIC18F86J55 PIC18F24J11 PIC18F24J50 PIC18F25J11
PIC18F25J50 PIC18F26J11 PIC18F26J50 PIC18F44J11 PIC18F44J50 PIC18F45J11 PIC18F45J50 PIC18F46J11


Package Details

The 18FJprog programmer is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation and product CD. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. The package contains:

18FJprog with mikroICD programmer. USB cable. CD with software and drivers. Printed documentation that includes: 18FJprog with mikroICD Manual, mikroICD Manual and Quick Guide for Installing USB Drivers.

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