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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (ER-RPD12028K)

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (ER-RPD12028K)

Reference: ER-RPD12028K

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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (ER-RPD12028K)

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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (ER-RPD12028K)


If you have been wanting to dive into the world of Raspberry Pi but didn’t know where to start, this kit will certainly get your feet wet. It has lots of crowtail sensors and some necessary modules like leds and motor, even a 3.5 inch display. All of them are working for your raspberry pi iot projects.
And when we want to do some raspberry pi projects, we often find there are some trouble on using the display and sensors at the same time with our raspberry pi, so we design a board called crowtail- stackable board for raspberry pi. It could lead out the function pins and also leave a space for display spi interface. So you can use display and other sensors together.
There are 29 kinds of modules, something basic and common module like button, LED, and some sensors for detecting the environment, like moisture sensor, light sensor, flame sensor, temperature & humidity sensor and so on. Others like PIR sensor/9G Servo/ DC motor/ Hall sensor are both widely used on projects. And a big surprise is that most of the modules are unify the interface specification- crowtail interface. Which is compatible with crowtail- stackable board, so that we can use these modules easily- just need a crowtail cable(we also provide it for you).
Now you can control the lead pins of raspberry pi by using Python and start your raspberry pi project. And we also provide you a detail user manual for quick start.

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