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      EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino (FO-EV3SB) EasyVR Module + Arduino Shield

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      EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino (FO-EV3SB) EasyVR Module + Arduino Shield
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      EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino (FO-EV3SB) EasyVR Module + Arduino Shield

      EasyVR Module + Arduino Shield adapter. Boards must be soldered.

      The EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino is compatible with any Arduino board. It includes the EasyVR 3 Plus module AND the Arduino Shield adapter.
       EasyVR 3 Plus is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to easily add versatile, robust and cost effective speech recognition capabilities to almost any application.  The EasyVR 3 Plus module can be used with any host with a UART interface powered at 3.3V – 5V, such as PIC and Arduino boards. Some application examples include home automation, such as voice-controlled light switches, locks, curtains or kitchen appliances, or adding “hearing” to the most popular robots on the market. The EasyVR Shield 3 is an adapter board for the EasyVR 3 module, designed to simplify its use among the Arduino community.

      EasyVR Shield 3 Features

      Compatible with Arduino boards that have the 1.0 Shield interface (UNO R3) and legacy boards including, but not limited to:

      ♦ Arduino Duemilanove
      ♦ Arduino Uno
      ♦ Arduino Mega
      ♦ Arduino Leonardo
      ♦ Arduino Due

      ♦ Supports 5V and 3.3V main boards through the IOREF pin
      ♦ Supports direct connection to the PC on main boards with a separate USB/Serial chip and a special software-driven “bridge” mode on boards with only native USB interface, for easy access by the EasyVR Commander
      ♦ Enables different modes of serial connection and also flash updates to the embedded EasyVR module (through the Mode Jumper)
      ♦ Supports remapping of serial pins used by the Shield (in SW mode)
      ♦ Provides a 3.5mm audio output jack suitable for headphones or as a line out


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