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      Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (Waveshare)
      • Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (Waveshare)
      • Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (Waveshare)

      Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (WS-USB-XIL DLC9G)

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      Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (WS-USB-XIL  DLC9G)

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      Platform Cable USB, XILINX Programmers & Debuggers (Waveshare) (Platform Cable USB)

      USB Compatible Cable For In-Circuit Configuration And Programming Of All Xilinx Devices


      The Platform Cable USB a USB compatible cable for in-circuit configuration and programming of all Xilinx devices.


      • Performance
        • Utilizing CY7C68013A+FPGA new hardware solution, compatible with the original XILINX Platform Cable USB and Platform Cable USB II
        • Programs all Xilinx devices, including FPGAs / CPLDs / ISP Configuration PROMs
        • Supports JTAG, Slave-Serial and SPI programming, to config all Xilinx devices
        • Interfaces to devices operating at 5V / 3.3V / 2.5V / 1.8V / 1.5V
        • Optional target clock frequency, supports XILINX software automatic frequency adjustment
        • Firmware auto upgrade, it's possible to support more new released software and devices
        • Anti-static and multi-layers signal isolation, to protect the target and the programmer itself
        • Comes with adapter board and multi cables for easily connecting with official development board or other circuit boards
      • Supported software
        • Xilinx ISE
        • iMPACT
        • ChipScope
        • Vivado
      • Supported devices
        • Xilinx FPGA devices: UltraScale / 7 series / Zynq / Kintex / Virtex / Artix / Spartan, etc.
        • Xilinx CPLD devices: XC9500 / XC9500XL / XC9500XV / CoolRunner XPLA3 / CoolRunner-II, etc.
        • Xilinx PROM devices: Platform Flash XCF00S / XCF00P / XL, etc.

      LED Status

      • Red: USB connected
      • Yellow: USB connected, and Vref (the target board) is powered

      How to Connect

      • Connects to PC
        • Via USB interface
      • Connects to target board
        • Platform Cable USB provides 3 different interfaces to connect with the target board: JTAG, Slave Serial, and SPI. The figure below shows the header pinouts of the interfaces:
          JTAG, Slave Serial, SPI header pinout

      Note: please make sure the VCC and GND are connected correctly, to avoid damaging the Platform Cable USB

      Development Resources

      Wiki :

      Package Content

      1. Platform Cable USB main unit x1
      2. JTAG adapter x1
      3. USB cable x1
      4. 8-pin header to 7-pin separated cable x1
      5. 8-pin header to 6-pin header cable x1
      6. 14-pin (2.54mm pitch) JTAG cable x1
      7. 14-pin (2mm pitch) JTAG cable x1
      8. 10-pin (2.54mm pitch) JTAG cable x1


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