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      NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano AI Dev.Kit for Embedded/Edge Systems, 8GB Orin Nano Module (WS-24435)

      WS-24435 (945-13766-0005-000)
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      NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano AI Dev.Kit for Embedded/Edge Systems, 8GB Orin Nano Module (WS-24435)

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      NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano AI Dev.Kit for Embedded/Edge Systems, 8GB Orin Nano Module (WS-24435)

      NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano AI Development Kit For Embedded And Edge Systems, With 8GB Memory Jetson Orin Nano Module

      Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit

      The N-VIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit sets a new standard for creating entry-level AI-powered robots, smart drones, and intelligent cameras, while simplifying the process of starting with the Jetson Orin Nano series. Features a compact design, multiple interfaces, and up to 40 TOPS of AI performance, this developer kit is an ideal solution for turning your creative ideas into reality. With up to 80X the performance of Jetson Nano, it can run all modern AI models, including transformer and advanced robot models.

      Based On Jetson Orin Nano 8GB Module

      Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit is an official N-VIDIA development kit based on the Jetson Orin Nano 8GB module that delivers up to 40 TOPS of AI performance. The difference between the onboard module and the production version of the Jetson Orin Nano 8GB module is that this kit adds a TF card slot, users can use a TF card for system installation.


      VERSION 4GB 8GB Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit
      GPU 512-core N-VIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 16 Tensor Cores 1024-core N-VIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 32 Tensor Cores
      GPU FREQUENCY 625MHz (Max)
      CPU 6-core Arm® Cortex®-A78AE v8.2 64-bit CPU, 1.5MB L2 + 4MB L3
      CPU FREQUENCY 1.5GHz (Max)
      MEMORY 4GB 64-bit LPDDR5, 32GB/s 8GB 128-bit LPDDR5, 68GB/s
      STORAGE Supports external NVMe TF card slot & external NVMe via M.2 Key M
      POWER 7W ~ 10W 7W ~ 15W
      PCIE* 1 x4 + 3 x1 (PCIe 3.0, Root Port & Endpoint) 1 x4 + 3 x1 (PCIe 4.0, Root Port & Endpoint) M.2 Key M slot with x4 PCIe Gen3 / M.2 Key M slot with x2 PCIe Gen3 / M.2 Key E slot
      USB* 3x USB 3.2 2.0 (10 Gbps)
      3x USB 2.0
      USB Type-A: 4x USB 3.2 Gen2
      USB Type-C (UFP)
      CSI CAMERA Up to 4 cameras (8 via virtual channels**)
      8 lanes MIPI CSI-2
      D-PHY 1.2 (up to 20 Gbps)
      2x MIPI CSI-2 22-pin Camera Connector
      VIDEO ENCODE 1080p30 supported by 1-2 CPU cores
      VIDEO DECODE 1x 4K60 (H.265)
      2x 4K30 (H.265)
      5x 1080p60 (H.265)
      11x 1080p30 (H.265)
      DISPLAY 1x 8K30 multi-mode DP 1.4a (+MST)/
      eDP 1.4a/HDMI 2.1
      1x DisplayPort 1.2 (+MST) connector
      OTHER 3x UART, 2x SPI, 2x I2S, 4x I2C, 1x CAN, DMIC & DSPK, PWM, GPIO 40-Pin Expansion Header(UART, SPI, I2S, I2C, GPIO), 12-pin button header, 4-pin fan header, TF card Slot, DC power jack
      NETWORKING 1x GbE 1x GbE Connector
      DIMENSIONS 69.6 mm x 45 mm
      260-pin SO-DIMM connector
      100 mm x 79 mmx 21 mm
      * USB 3.2, MGBE, and PCIe share UPHY Lanes. See the Product Design Guide for supported UPHY configurations.
      ** Virtual Channels for Jetson Orin Nano are subject to change
      Refer to the Software Features section of the latest NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide for a list of supported features.

      Onboard Resources
      Jetson-Orin-Nano-Developer-Kit-details-5.jpg Jetson-Orin-Nano-Developer-Kit-details-7.jpg
      Professional Application Software And Models

      N-VIDIA Software
      All N-VIDIA Jetson modules and developer kits are supported by the same N-VIDIA Jetson software stack, so you can develop once and deploy everywhere. Jetson software is designed to provide end-to-end acceleration for AI applications and accelerate the time to market. This brings the powerful N-VIDIA technologies that power data centers and cloud deployments to the edge.


      Pretrained Models
      Many AI applications have common needs: classification, object detection, language translation, text-to-speech, recommender engines, sentiment analysis, and more. Pretrained models from the NGC™ catalog are performance-optimized and ready to be fine-tuned with the N-VIDIA TAO Toolkit and customer datasets, reducing time and cost for production AI software development.

      N-VIDIA Platforms For Robotics, AI Speech, And Smart Cities

      N-VIDIA Software Platforms Including Isaac For Robotics, Riva For AI Speech, And Metropolis For Video Analytics, Are Available To Speed Vertical-Specific Applications


      N-VIDIA Isaac
      Robots improve efficiency and quality of life in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and service. N-VIDIA Isaac™ accelerates the process with enhanced robotics development, simulation, and deployment.


      N-VIDIA Riva
      N-VIDIA Riva is a fully accelerated SDK for building multimodal conversational AI applications using an end-to-end deep-learning pipeline, suitable for optimized skills in speech, vision, and natural language processing (NLP) tasks.


      N-VIDIA Metropolis
      N-VIDIA Metropolis includes an application framework, s set of developer tools, and the partner ecosystem. It brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across a broad range of industries.

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      WS-24435 (945-13766-0005-000)

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