BIGAVR2 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

      BIGAVR2 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)


      BIGAVR2 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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      BIGAVR2 is a development system that supports a wide range of 64- and 100-pin AVR MCUs.

      BIGAVR2 allows AVR microcontrollers to be interfaced with a wide range of peripheral modules.

      Very fast, on-board USB 2.0 programmer with a simplified driver installation.

      On-board potentiometers are used for testing A/D converter inputs.

      Add mass storage support to your prototype device using MMC/SD cards.

      On-board touch screen controller with a touch panel connector.


      On-board USB 2.0 programmer AVRprog2 doesn't use bootloader or any similar software for programming. The whole AVR memory and all pins are available to you. This is a fast USB AVR InSystem programmer perfect for your future projects. Our latest AVRprog2 Programmer is driven and powered by a single USB port on your PC. No additional AC power adapter is needed. The programmer is recognized by Windows, which simplifies the driver installation. The programmer board is specifically designed for In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP). The External Programmer and JTAG can also be connected and used with the BIGAVR2 development system.

      Supported Microcontrollers

      The BIGAVR2 development system supports a wide range of AVR microcontrollers. Newly released AVR microcontrollers will be supported by a new version of AVRFlash software that is updated regularly. Here is a list of microcontrollers supported by the BIGAVR2 development system:

      AVR Microcontroller Family
      AT90CAN128 AT90CAN32 AT90CAN64 AT90USB1286 AT90USB1287
      AT90USB646 AT90USB647 ATmega103 ATmega128 ATmega1280
      ATmega1281 ATmega2560 ATmega2561 ATmega325 ATmega3250
      ATmega3250P ATmega325P ATmega328P ATmega329 ATmega3290
      ATmega3290P ATmega329P ATmega32C1 ATmega32HVB ATmega32M1
      ATmega32U4 ATmega32U6 ATmega406 ATmega64 ATmega640
      ATmega645 ATmega6450 ATmega649 ATmega6490

      Package Details

      The BIGAVR2 development system is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation and product CD. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. Note: Pencil, GLCD with Touch Screen, LCD, Serial Cable, DS1820 and memory cards are not included in the price. The package contains:

      BIGAVR2 development system. MCU Card with ATMEGA128 Microcontroller. USB cable. CD with software, drivers and examples in C, BASIC and Pascal. Printed documentation that includes: BIGAVR2 Manual, AVRprog Manual and Quick Guide for Installing USB Drivers


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      BIGAVR2 Development System (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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