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      Overall Evaluation Board Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, Misc Onboard Components (WS-20159)

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      Overall Evaluation Board Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, Misc Onboard Components (WS-20159)

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      Overall Evaluation Board Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, Misc Onboard Components (WS-20159)

      Overall Evaluation Board Designed For Raspberry Pi Pico, Misc Onboard Components For Easily Evaluating The RP2040

      Overall Evaluation Board For Pico

      Misc onboard components, fast get started with the Pico

      Features At A Glance

      The Pico-Eval-Board is an overall evaluation solution designed for Raspberry Pi Pico. With 3.5inch 65K colorful LCD display and misc helpful onboard components, this evaluation board allows you to try almost every on chip peripheral of the RP2040, eliminating the mess wiring. It is an ideal choice for user to fast get started with the Raspberry Pi Pico, as well as the RP2040 chip.

      • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header, supports Raspberry Pi Pico series boards
      • 3.5inch resistive touch screen, 65K colorful, bringing clear and vivid display effect
      • Standard 3.5mm audio jack, for headphone or other audio peripherals
      • Micro SD card slot through the SDIO interface, faster access speed than SPI interface
      • Integrates battery header and recharge circuit, allows it keep running without wired power supply
      • Other rich resources like buzzer, photoresistor, and RGB LED...
      • Comes with development resources and manual (Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ and MicroPython examples)
      65K Colorful IPS Touch Screen

      IPS Panel, Better Display Details, More Vivid Colors

      LCD Specifications
      TOUCH TYPE resistive DISPLAY COLORS 65K colorful
      DISPLAY PANEL IPS PIXEL SIZE 0.153 × 0.153 mm
      CONTROLLER ILI9488/XPT2046 DIMENSIONS 86.00 × 57.20 mm
      Raspberry Pi Pico Header Compatibility

      Onboard Female Pin Header For Direct Attaching To Raspberry Pi Pico

      Raspberry Pi Pico and PH2.0 battery are NOT included.
      What's On Board
      1. Rapsberry Pi Pico header
        for direct attaching to Raspberry Pi Pico
      2. LCD connector
        for connecting the 3.5inch IPS LCD
      3. Mirco USB connector
        CP2102 communication or battery recharge
      4. 3.5mm audio jack
        headphone interface
      5. Micro SD card slot
        using SDIO interface, faster access speed
      6. PH2.0 battery header
        for connecting 3.7V Li-po battery
      7. CP2102
        USB to UART converter
      8. SP0503
        diode for protecting the chip from ESD
      9. PCM5101A
        stereo audio DAC chip, supports analog audio output
      10. 74HC4040
        counter chip for clock frequency division
      11. 74HC04D
        inverter chip
      12. 74HC4094
        serial to parallel data converter
      1. ETA6096
        battery recharger, 1A recharging current
      2. ICM20948
        9-axis motion sensor, allows posture sensing
      3. LSD0204
        voltage level translator, ensuring safe communication between chips on different operating voltage
      4. XPT2046
        resistive touch controller
      5. W2812B
        RGB LED, so cool
      6. Passive buzzer
        controllable sound frequency
      7. User key
        a user-defined key, connects to GP2
      8. Reset key
        Pico reset
      9. Photoresistor
        converting light intensity to voltage signal, measuring light intensity
      10. Indicators
        PWR: power indicator
        TXD: CP2102 UART TX
        RXD: CP2102 UART RX
      Pinout Definition
      Outline Dimensions
      Resources & Services

      Package Content

      1. Pico-Eval-Board x1
      2. Standoff pack x1
      Waveshare Electronics

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