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      Sensors Pack (Waveshare) Different Sensors in One Pack
      • Sensors Pack (Waveshare) Different Sensors in One Pack

      Sensors Pack (Waveshare) Different Sensors in One Pack

      WS-9467 (WS-SENSORS)
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      Sensors Pack (Waveshare) Different Sensors in One Pack

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      Sensors Pack (Waveshare) Different Sensors in One Pack


      MQ-5 Gas Sensor sensitive for LPG, natural gas, coal gas gas leakage detector
      Color Sensor detects static color sorting by color, color matching
      Flame Sensor sensitive to flame spectrum fire detection, fire fighting robot, fire alarm
      Hall Sensor 49E hall sensor motor speed measurement, object position detection
      Infrared Reflective Sensor reflective infrared Transceiver robot path tracking, obstacle-avoiding car, pipeline counter
      Laser Sensor laser sensor obstacle detection, pipeline counter, smart robot
      Moisture Sensor fork-like soil moisture sensor auto watering system, flowerpot soil moisture detection
      Rotation Sensor detects clockwise/anti-clockwise rotations positioning in Industrial Controls
      Sound Sensor onboard audio power amplifier LM386 ambient sound detection, sound level detection
      Temperature-Humidity Sensor DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor ambient temperature and humidity detection
      Tilt Sensor detects shake signal shake detection, guard alarm, smart car
      UV Sensor ultraviolet sensor ultraviolet tester, outdoor ultraviolet detector, germicidal lamp
      Liquid Level Sensor detects liquid level water level alarm


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      WS-9467 (WS-SENSORS)

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