RFµ-328 Arduino ATMega 328 compatible radio transceiver RFu 328 (Ciseco)

RFµ-328 Arduino ATMega328 compatible radio transceiver RFu328 868MHz (Ciseco)

Kód: CISECO R012 RFu328

RFµ-328 Arduino ATMega328 compatible radio transceiver RFu328 868MHz (Ciseco)



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RFµ-328 Arduino ATMega328 compatible radio transceiver RFu328 868MHz (Ciseco)


The RFu-328 is the world’s smallest, most affordable, RF capable, over the air Arduino IDE programmable device:

  • Smallest: 25% less volume than a 328 DIP chip alone
  • Most affordable: Quantity discount of just 100 is now under £10 + VAT
  • RF capable: SRF or Hope RFM12B
  • Over the air programmable: using SRF 
  • Surface mount or Optional headers included: 2 10way 2mm headers are included for your to solder if you wish 

Aimed at making Arduino powered products a reality. Ideal for lower power or smaller size projects and even small scale product production, this tiny module is perfect for the new age of the Internet of Things. The module has an SRF radio module installed so it's an out the box low power RF node. It's the world’s only SOM (system on module) Arduino device that can be programmed over the air direct from the Arduino IDE.

Will run the same code as the larger XinoRF because it shares the same ATmega 328 micro running at 16 MHz, almost all of the Arduino pins are available for use. So you can develop your system with the XinoRF and deploy with RFu-328.

Also available without the SRF, so you can mount your own RFM12B unit (RFU-328-BARE).

Key Features

  • Has all the advantages of our XRF and SRF radio modules: great range, low power, easy use
  • Works with a range of sensor modules
  • Comes installed with the later smaller, faster Arduino UNO bootloader.
  • Will run the same code as XinoRF
  • Will run any existing Arduino code with no or very little modification – pin 8 is radio enable – that’s it!)
  • Supports XBee style wireless comms (most series 1 type XBee serial sketches will easily work)
  • Surface mount option
  • XBee style 2 x 10 way pin header option ( pin headers included for you to solder if you wish)
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • WEEE
  • Made in the UK

Technical data

Compare the radio modules for range & features - radio comparision chart.pdf

Dimensions: 2.53mm x 22mm x 27.70mm (or 35.5mm long with chip antenna)

Default Baud Rate - The SRF Radio on the RFµ-328 has a default baud rate of 115200

Electrical characteristics

  • Supply voltage:
    • Minimum 3.3v
    • Maximum 3.6v (5v if no radio is installed)
    • Limit 3.9v
  • Current consumption:
    • ATMega running & SRF transmitting 28.9mA
    • ATMega running & SRF receiving 31.2mA
    • ATMega running & SRF sleeping (ATSM2) 7.1mA
    • ATMega sleeping (powerdown + WDT wake) & SRF sleeping (ATSM2) 4.7uA

 RF characteristics

  • 868 and 915 MHz ISM/SRD bands (can support 315, 433, 900 MHz)
  • Over the air data rate of 250Kbps with a max of 500Kbps
  • Up to 10dBm (10 mW) power

OTAMP Default Settings

The RFµ-328 is pre configured for OTAMP with the following settings:

  • ATMY --
  • ATRC 3
  • ATBD 1C200

If you wish to program with an FTDI style interface you will need to put a 0.1uf capacitor between the interface DTR and pin 5 (RESET) this is the same technique employed on the Arduino, this gives your interface the ability to auto reset the module which is required to invoke the Arduino bootloader. Alternatively look at our new 4 in 1 Explorer Plus USB interface which has an XBee style socket, FTDI style connector and built in SRF-U which has an RFu Auto Reset enable jumper as well as support for conventional XBee/XRF type devices.


RFu-328 documents

v1.2 schematic

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