BPi-G1 (121627)

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Banana Pi BPi-G1 Smarthome-Gateway Board Zigbee/WiFi/BT4.0

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Banana Pi  BPi-G1 Smarthome-Gateway Board Zigbee/WiFi/BT4.0

The BPI-G1 specifically designed for smart home. BPI-G1 support ZIGBEE, BLE and WIFI, can seamlessly connect mobile phone, tablet, PC and other equipment. It is a universal remote control, an intelligent gateway, can be a smart home, it can be a DIY electronic controller. BPI-G1 includes a variety of peripherals, including a fast parallel camera interface, I2S, SD / MMC, UART, SPI, I2Cand four-channel analog to digital converter (ADC) and has a wealth of GPIO mouth.


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