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replaced by LCD-OLinuXino-10 - A13-LCD10TS (Olimex) 10-INCH LCD DISPLAY WITH RES. TOUCH. PANEL


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replaced by LCD-OLinuXino-10 - A13-LCD10TS (Olimex) 10-INCH LCD DISPLAY WITH RES. TOUCH. PANEL

10-INCH LCD DISPLAY WITH RESISTIVE TOUCHSCREEN PANEL SUITABLE FOR AND TESTED WITH ALLWINNER OLINUXINO BOARDS. A generic 10 inch display with WSVGA resolution and resistive touch screen panel. Has a connector compatible with Allwinner OLinuXino boards (cable is sold separately).


  • 10'' WSVGA (V:1024 lines, H:600 pixels) display
  • LED light-bar backlight system(9 parallel 3 serial)
  • 16 200 000 colors
  • Resistive touch-screen panel
  • Can be powered by the host board or externally
  • DC-DC for LCD backlight
  • 40 pin connector for direct connection to OLinuXino boards
  • Testpads for easy diagnostic
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm, red soldermask, component print
  • Dimensions:222x143mm (8.74 x 5.63")


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