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      2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module (NU-BTRL002)
      • 2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module (NU-BTRL002)

      2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module (NU-BTRL002)

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      2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module (NU-BTRL002)

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      2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module (NU-BTRL002)

      2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module is great for controlling your devices over Bluetooth link without any RF design knowledge. This module is designed to plug in to your design seamlessly. Individual relay can be controlled by simple commands.Ease of use and wider operating system compatibility are the primary goals behind this product’s design. This simplicity allows use of off-the-shelf Terminal Emulation programs such as Hyper Terminal and PUTTY for controlling the module with a simple set of human readable commands. For power users, this module can be controlled by writing programs in various programming languages. Numato’s 2 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module provides exceptional value for money.

      This board has two on board 12V relays that can switch up to 7A load. The relays are controlled by a Microchip PIC Microcontroller over Bluetooth link and comes with built in firmware that supports simple commands to control relays and read relay status. This board can easily be controlled by writing simple serial port application in VC++, VB, VBA (Word, Excel etc), Perl, Python etc. A USB Bluetooth Dongle or Bluetooth integrated PC/Laptop would be sufficient to communicate with this device. A USB connector is available on board for firmware upgrade.


      • 2 on board 12V SPDT Relays.
      • 7A Maximum Switching Current.
      • 8 TTL (3.3V)Compatible GPIOs.
      • 7 Analog Input Channels.
      • 10 Bit Analog Input Resolution.
      • Class 2 Bluetooth Version with 10m Bluetooth Range


      • Home Automation
      • Lighting Control
      • Garden Equipment Control
      • Industrial Automation
      • Test Fixtures
      • DIY and Hobby

      Supporting Operating Systems

      • Windows XP and later
      • Linux
      • Mac
      • And any other operating system that supports Bluetooth devices

      Languages that can be used for programming

      • C/C++
      • Visual Basic (VB6, VB2008, VB2010 express and other editions)
      • Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft Office VBA)
      • Perl
      • Python
      • JAVA
      • And many more…

      Numato Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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