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ProtoX Pro prototype STACKABLE shield for Arduino (Ciseco K023)


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ProtoX Pro prototype STACKABLE shield for Arduino (Ciseco K023)

The ProtoX is one of the lowest cost prototype boards on the market.

The ProtoX Pro is even better, with stackable headers


  • Designed to support the Arduino, XINO, Amicus and others that are Arduino shaped.
  • 3 joined trough holes in set out in pairs either side of a GND and power rail (down the centre). Enables easy connection to DIP devices and the majority of through hole parts.
  • Has the silkscreen legend on the back so you can easily see which pin is which (an absolute godsend)
  • Comes with 2 x 0.1uf noise filtering capacitors. One for the 3V3 or 5V rail and one you can configure in anyway.
  • Comes with 2 x 8 pin and 2 x 6 pin stackable headers so more shields can sit on top
  • Useful power blocks, 3 x group of 5, one pre conneted to GND the other two can be configured in any way.
  • TX & RX pins brought out to front facing holes.
  • Through holes to easily add 3 front facing LED's (bottom left 12 pads) or anything else of similar size.

Very useful SMT pads:

    • SOIC pads both narrow and wide to support any combination upto 28 pins. 
    • TSSOP pads to support any combination upto 28 pins (mounts on underside of board and shares the SOIC through holes). 0.65mm pitch.
    • 2 x SOT 223 (all 4 pads) for large SMD parts such as voltage regulators, power transistors, FET's etc 
    • 2 x SOT 22-3 (all 6 pads) for small SMD parts signal transisors, diodes etc
    • NOTE: SOT pads are shared so max of 2 of either type.

Dimensions: 68.8mm x 53.45mm x (board - 1.6mm, with legs 19mm) 

Build Guide - HERE

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