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Fritzing Creator Kit without Arduino (273) English

Fritzing Creator Kit without Arduino (273) English

This kit is made for users already owning an Arduino. If you don't have one yet, check out the Fritzing Creator Kit with Arduino UNO or the Fritzing Creator Kit with Arduino MEGA

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."William Gibson, Science Fiction Autor

Entering the world of interactive electronics and Arduino with the Fritzing Creator Kit is simple.

Learn through play! The paper models provided include a robot, that turns its head, a fortuneteller which never fails and a dinosaur that notifies you of updates on twitter. With some practice, you will even be able to create small games on a LED display.

The ultimate beginners book teaches you the basics of Arduino in just 130 pages with many practical examples. In addition, it shows you how to create printed circuit boards with the open source Fritzing software, all of which is very useful for your future projects.

"It leaves a valuable impression and I am really excited. The handbook looks very good, too. The start must be fun. Great!"Erik Bartmann, Writer at O'Reilly

The kit arrives in a strong box with enough room to transport your electronics projects. Compartments for small parts with transparent covers show their contents and keeps everything organized.

"It's the most elegant starter kit I have ever seen!"Eric Pan, Founder of Seeedstudio

The kit is produced in Germany or to be precise, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. As users of Fritzing and Arduino helped with the development of our Kits, learning to work with Arduino has never been easier.

The Fritzing Creator Kit is suited for adults and children aged 12 years and up.

"A lot of starter kits offer a lot of parts, but then it is up to the beginner to do something with it. The Fritzing Creator Kit contrasts from those – with hand on projects."Jörg Thoma, Editor of

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beginners guide
paper models
base plate
2x breadboard
14x extension cables
14x plug cables, long
24x plug cables, short
9V battery clip
USB cable
3x screws
3x spacers
allen key


10x resistors - 220Ω
10x resistors - 100kΩ
MOS field-effect transistor
L293D motor driver


1x tilt switch
2x potentiometers
2x push-buttons


1x LED 22x light emmiting diodes (LEDs)
LED matrix display
DC motor (4,5 – 9V )
Piezo buzzer


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