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      Audio Codec Board - PROTO  (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)
      • Audio Codec Board - PROTO  (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

      Audio Codec Board - PROTO (MIKROE-506)

      Audio Codec Board - PROTO
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      Audio Codec Board - PROTO  (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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      Audio Codec Board - PROTO is a tool for development of applications with audio playback support. The board includes a  low-power Stereo CODEC WM8731 with an integrated headphone driver.  Connection pads are available for easy connection.



      The Audio Codec Board - PROTO is a development tool for the WM8731 Audio Codec, ideal for use in embedded applications which require audio playback. The on-board Audio Codec WM8731 provides stereo line and mono microphone level audio inputs. This module also uses stereo 24-bit multi-bit sigma delta ADCs and DACs with oversampling digital interpolation and decimation filters. Stereo audio outputs are buffered for driving headphones from a programmable volume control. Line level outputs are also provided along with anti-thump mute and power up/down circuitry. The device is controlled via 2 or 3 wire serial interface.


      • Highly Efficient Headphone Driver
      • Hi-Quality Audio Performance
      • Low Powered
      • ADC and DAC Sampling Frequency: 8kHz – 96kHz
      • Selectable ADC High Pass Filter
      • Microphone Input and Electret Bias with Side Tone Mixer
      • and many more...


      • Audio Codec development tool at popular price.
      • Ready-To-Use Examples save development time.
      • The board is clearly marked, which enables easy connection with external electronic.
      • The board also enables you to easily build your audio device.
      • The board is an indispensable tool for creating your audio device.


      Examples provided with this board will show you how to connect the WM8731 Audio Codec to a microcontroller easily. Each example contains a detailed description and comments of the program. All examples can be downloaded from this page as well.


      Download Data Sheet

      Audio Codec Board - PROTO

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