M3500A (Picotest)  6 1/2 Digits standard DMM

M3500A (Picotest) 6 1/2 Digits standard DMM

Kód: M3500A

699,90 €
699.90 € bez DPH

M3500A (Picotest)  6 1/2 Digits standard DMM

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M3500A (Picotest)  6 1/2 Digits standard DMM


Products Description  EUR bez DPH
M3500A 6 1/2 Digits standard DMM 700,00 €
M3500ASC M3500A with Built-in Scanner Card 836,36 €
M3500AGC M3500A with Built-in GPIB Card 786,36 €
M3500ASG M3500A with Built-in Scanner Card and GPIB Card 922,73 €
M3500ARC M3500A with Built-in RS232 Card 724,55 €
M3500-opt01 Multi-Point Scanner Card (10 Channel ) 136,36 €
M3500-opt02  Thermocouple Adaptor 9,09 €
M3500-opt03 BNC to Banana Adaptor 40,91 €
M3500-opt04 GPIB Card 86,36 €
M3500-opt06 RS232  24,55 €
M3500-opt07 Kelvin Probe 63,64 €
M3500-opt08 4-W Test leads 54,55 €
M3500-opt09 Multi-Point Scanner Card (20 Channel ) 204,55 €
M3500-opt10 Shorting plug 35,45 €
M3500-opt12 10CH TC-SCANNER CARD 172,73 €
M3500-MCS Maintenance and Calibration service's charge 45,45 €

   Support USBTMC

USBTMC stands for USB Test & Measurement Class. Any USB device conforms to USBTMC without the limitations of operation systems and environment can work under VISA assistance, and communicate with a computer.In other words, the control procedures via VISA to USBTMC device and via VISA to GPIB device are the same.

The advantage of using USBTMC with M3500A is that you dont have to buy any expensive GPIB module, and waste time to re-program the previous application software which is for GPIB. Only the instruments conform to USBTMC protocol in the VISA basis, and the version of NI-VISA 3.1 or upward driver is installed. The USBTMC unit under the original GPIB software will be recognized, and can be easily used. Besides, it also offers users other benefits, for example, support 127 DMM connections at a time, USB cord can work with a long distance application (at most 30M), and it is easy to get the cord. (For more detail USBTMC information,please click here [Q.What is USBTMC? ].

USBTMC Application Note: 
Before using USBTMC, please click into NI website www.ni.com - NI-VISA to download NI driver. After setting up M3500A application software, PT-TOOL & PT-LINK (enclosed in the CD), or your own programs, the M3500A will be controlled easily.

  Stability, Speed and Accuracy

The 6 1/2 digit M3500A DMM is designed with 71/2 digit techniques to provide user a stable, faster and accurate measurement. The following figure is the stability performance comparison between the typical 61/2 digit DMM and the M3500A . 

  High Speed:2000 Readings / Sec
The M3500A is engineered with expertise to reach such a high performance: both of the sampling rate and the data transfer rate can achieve 2000 readings per second.
  19 Full-Featured Functions
There are 11 measurements and 8 math functions : DCI, DCV, ACI, ACV, 2WΩ, 4WΩ, Frequency, Period, Diode Test, Continuity, Temperature, Limits, Ratio, MX+B, %, dB, dBm, Min/Max, and Null. In addition, Trigger and Memory functions are also involved. All functions above facilitate your measurement applications better.
  Temperature Measurements
Our thermal measurement functions support two types of measurementsThermocouples and RTDs. For thermocouples, we support up to seven types of sensors: J, K, T, E, N, S and R, using a NIST Monograph 175 reference table. Moreover, for the RTDs temperature conversions, we adopt three types of standard: ITS-90, IEC751 and Callendar-Van Dusen standard in our thermal measurement functions. All these are made for user's convenience 
  Multi-Point Scan
The M3500A supports some (2-pole) multi-point scanner cards, such as OPT01, OPT09, and OPT12. OPT01(10CH)/OPT09 (20CH) are used for general purpose measurements including DCV/ACV/Indirect DCI & ACI with Current Shunt/2W/4W/Freq./Period. OPT12 (10CH) provides not only the mentioned measurements, but also thermocouple and RTD applications. The installation of the multi-point scanner cards are very easy - just turn the power off and plug in the multi-point scanner card, and it is done!
  Dual Displays with 3-Color Annunciators
This model comes with a unique 5x7 dot matrix, VFD dual displays with three-color annunciators. User can easily distinguish each symbols by their colors. 
  Noise Immunity
This model has an excellent performance on noise immunity. The core of this DMM is a powerful multi-slope analog to digital converter (A/D converter) This special A/D converter (p.s. patent is pending) helps the DMM to reach high-speed sampling rate, filters out most noise, and still keeps a good measurement linearity. In addition, to reduce the environmental background noise, we have added four sets of earth ground on the meter's front panel. And the copper conductors inside the meter also contribute to reducing thermal EMFs. 
  Built-in USB Interface
The M3500A Series is equipped with a standard USB interface. This easy-to-use and hot plug-in USB interface has a high data-transfer rate over 2000 readings per second. It allows your DMM to reach a truly high speed, both internal sampling rate and I/O data rate, thus increase the measurement speed of your DMM. 
  Free Remote-Control Software

The Remote-Control Software, PT-TOOL & PT-LINK, is free and easy for user’s application. PT-TOOL is a stand-alone software which can imitate virtual M3500A operations on the PC, and allow users to transmit data in Excel format. In addition, PT-LINK under the Microsoft Word & Excel application provides users a simple function of getting values and diagrams.

  M3500A Specifications
  Accessories Included
CD (user manual and software applications), power cord, test leads, and USB cable.
M3500-OPT01 : 10 Channel scanner card
M3500-OPT02 : Thermocouple Adapter
M3500-OPT03 : BNC to Banana Adapter
M3500-OPT04 : GPIB card
M3500-OPT05 : RTD Probe Adapter
M3500-OPT06 : RS232 card
M3500-OPT07 : Kelvin Probe
M3500-OPT08 : 4-Wire Test Leads
M3500-OPT09 : 20 Channel scanner card
M3500-OPT10 : Shorting Plug
M3500-OPT11 : K type Thermocouple Cable
M3500-OPT12 : 10 Channel Thermocouple & RTD scanner cards


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