DG2041A Generator 40MHz,100MSa/s,14bits,512kpts  (RIGOL)

DG2041A Generator 40MHz,100MSa/s,14bits,512kpts (RIGOL)

Kód: DG2041A Generator 40MHz

DG2041A Generator 40MHz,100MSa/s,14bits,512kpts  (RIGOL)



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Features and Benefits
•Adopt advanced DDS technology; 14 bits vertical accuracy; 100 MSa/s maximum sampling rate; 512 kpts waveform length
•Output 10 standard waveforms, DC and user-designed arbitrary waveforms
•Abundant modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK, linear/logarithm sweep and burst
•Abundant output and input: waveform output; synchronous signal output; External modulation source, external 10 MHz reference clock input, external trigger input and internal 10MHz clock output
•Standard configuration interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, LAN, RS-232, GPIB, support U-disc storage and Web remote control
•Seamlessly interconnect with DS1000 series digital oscilloscope
•Powerful arbitrary waveform edit software “UltraWave”
•Support remote control via a command line
•Clear graphical interface
•Support  Chinese and English menu
•Button-help makes information getting easier
•File management (support for U disc and local storage) 

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DG2041A Generator 40MHz

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