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      DAC Board (MIKROE-80)

      DAC Board
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      DAC board is a development tool for 12-bit resolution digital-to-analog conversion.


      The board includes a 12-bit output D/A converter MCP4921 with serial interface.


      IDC10 connectors enable systems to be easily connected to peripheral modules.


      12-bit digital-to-analog converter MCP4921 features an optional 2x buffered output and SPI interface. The board provides high accuracy and low noise performance for industrial applications where calibration or compensation of signals, such as temperature, pressure and humidity, are required.


      Examples provided with this board show you how to connect the DAC to a microcontroller easily. Each example contains a detailed description of the relevant program including comments. All examples can be downloaded from this page as well.

      • Demonstration of the Microchip's MCP4921 with PIC MCUs. DAC receives a digital input (number ranging from 0 to 4095) and converts it into an output voltage ranging from 0 to Vref.
      • Example of reading values from ADC and sending them to DAC. MCU reads values from two AD channels, compares them and subtract them. The result of subtraction is sent to DAC.
      • Reading data from USART and converting it into MCP4921 D/A converter's output voltage ranging from 0 to Vref.


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      DAC Board
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