LabNation SmartScope - Scope, Logic Analyzer, Wave Generator

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LabNation SmartScope - Scope, Logic Analyzer, Wave Generator
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LabNation SmartScope - Scope, Logic Analyzer, Wave Generator

2 channel DSO (30 MHz bandwidth, 100 MSa/s sample rate) with Logic Analyzer (8 channel) and arbitrary waveform generator. Works on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS.

The LabNation SmartScope is a PC, tablet and smartphone based dual channel oscilloscope. The device features a bandwidth of 30 MHz and a sampling rate of 2x 100 MSa/s. The SmartScope is a full-fledged compact oscilloscope. It is controlled via PC, which also displays the measurement signals. The oscilloscope is connected directly via USB. Besides a well thought out and user friendly PC software, the Smart Scope provides an integrated logic analyzer and waveform generator.

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Interface for the 21st century

Making optimal use of touch, mouse and keyboard, the software driving the SmartScope is a fresh approach to oscilloscope interfaces. No need to manipulate knobs or buttons, simply interact directly with the elements you see on the screen!

8MS On-board RAM

After capturing a sequence, this allows you to zoom in up to 10.000x on your waveform. A smart implementation allows you to acquire at high update rates AND still have access to every sample of your stopped acquisition! An innovative way to visualize the currently shown section of the RAM makes it a breeze to pinch, scroll or navigate through the RAM.

Integrated decoders

Digital communication captured on the analog and/or digital inputs can be decoded into hex, decimal, binary or ASCII values. The free software comes with built-in I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, I2S decoders, and thank to its open-souce nature they can be extended at will!

Mixed mode

If your digital signals don’t look as expected, switch to Mixed mode and you can visualize an analog channel simultaneously with your digital channels!

Spectrum analyzer

The SmartScope comes with a real-time spectrum analyzer, where can also pan/zoom the frequency axis.

XY Mode

The free software comes with an XY mode, which allows you to plot both signals versus each other, while simultaneously showing them in the time domain.

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