MSO4054 (Rigol) 4x500MHz, 4 GS/s, 16 Digital channels

MSO4054 (Rigol) 4x500MHz, 4 GS/s, 16 Digital channels FREE EU shipping, 3-Year Warranty

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MSO4054 (Rigol) 4x500MHz, 4 GS/s, 16 Digital channels FREE EU shipping, 3-Year Warranty

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MSO4054 (Rigol) 4x500MHz, 4 GS/s, 16 Digital channels FREE EU shipping, 3-Year Warranty

140Mpts,digital channel 28Mpts, 110,000 wfms/s,digital channel 85,000wfms/s

The MSO4000 series digital oscilloscope is a versatile, high performance mixed signal oscilloscope that incorporates many of today’s most advanced technologies and processes. Featuring bandwidths between 100MHz and 500MHz, sample rates up to 4GSa/s, 2 or 4 analog channels, and 16 digital logic channels, the MSO4000 is ideal for a wide variety of engineers working in communications, defense, aerospace, industrial electronics, R&D and educational fields. MSO/DS4000 Series is the new mainstream digital scope to meet the customer's applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.

  • Bandwidth 500MHz
  • Sample Rate Analog channel up to 4 GSa/s, Digital Channel up to 1 GSa/s(MSO)
  • Standard Memory depth: Analog channel up to 140 Mpts, Digital Channel up to 28 Mpts(MSO)
  • 4 Analog Channels, 16 Digital channels(MSO)
  • Waveform capture rate Up to 110,000 waveforms per second,
  • Real Time Waveform Record, Replay & Analysis(Std. up to 200,000 frames)
  • Lower noise floor, the Min. vertical sensitivity is 1mV/div
  • Innovative “UltraVision” technology
  • A variety of Trigger functions
  • Support serial bus trigger(Std.) and decoding(Opt.) for both analog and digital channels
  • Complete Connectivity: USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI-C), VGA, AUX,USB-GPIB(Opt.)
  • 9 inch WVGA(800X480), 256 level intensity grading display
  • Download Datasheet
  • FREE EU shipping    
  •  3-Year Warranty


 Standard Accessories :

  • Power Cord conforming to the standard of the country 
  • Front Panel Cover FPCS-DS4000
  • USB Data Cable CB-USBA-USBBFF-150
  • 4 Passive Probes (500 MHz) RP3500A
  • 1 Set logic analysis probe RPL2316
  • Quick Guide 
  • Resource CD (User’s Guide and Application Software) 


Optional Accessories:


Decoding options :





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