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      Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver (MB-12045)
      • Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver (MB-12045)

      Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver (MB-12045)

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      Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver (MB-12045)

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      Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver (MB-12045)

      What Is High-Power Encoder Motor Driver?

      This module is the newer version of the original Me Encoder Motor Driver, which is capable of driving two encoder motors simultaneously. The chip inside this driver integrates the PID control algorithms which can be used to control and feed back the speed and the movement of the motors.

      The internal program of this driver uses I2C and PWM for controlling, which will meet your different needs. It comes with various pins for further development, such as SPI, I2C, UART pins. The high-power MOS interface has strong driving ability and also comes with protection system which will prevent the circuit from burning out.



      • Two power slide switches for powering off the driver easily;

      • The main control chip comes with a reset key;

      • A 8A resettable fuse to prevent short circuits;

      • Anti-reserve measurement which protects the circuit board;

      • High-power MOS interface which enables up to 20A current;


      • Six mounting holes which allows the driver to be connected with robot cars or other structures;

      • Can be controlled via RJ25 ports or pins;

      • Control the location, speed and direction of the motor precisely;

      • When use this driver on Makeblock mainboards, connect mainboard with the driver via the red port;

      • Enable to connect with two 36mm encoder motors at the same time.




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