ODROID-N2 4GB CoreELEC Edition (Hardkernel)


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ODROID-N2 4GB CoreELEC Edition (Hardkernel)

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ODROID-N2 4GB CoreELEC Edition (Hardkernel)

ODROID-N2 4GB CoreELEC Edition includes :

Collaboration with CoreELEC team have made the powerful media platform.

CoreELEC is a new generation media center OS built for the best functionality with the great output picture quality.
ODROID-N2 is a snappy AMLogic S922X device with great output picture quality.
4K HDR10 and HLG capable platforms.
Auto frame rate switching & dynamic range matching – 4K (HDR10) capable Hardware.
The best passive heatsink design we’ve ever seen.
Stable Gigabit Ethernet (1000M) is ready for reliable 7.1 HD audio – 4K HDR Bluray Rip home networked streaming.
The only Linux Kodi Leia device that outputs correct 4K HDR Infoframe data
The most powerful and affordable ARM based Linux board for 4K HDR video player, currently on the market.
4:2:2 Chroma output is ready to play

World’s best class passthrough feature including modern audio formats DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

Netflix plays smoothly at a Full-HD resolution thanks to the Widevine DRM implementation.

3D-SBS and 3D-TAB are supported to play 3D videos

Many different type of USB DVB receivers are working out of the box thank to the backported Linux media_build drivers.

PSP & DreamCast emulation on EmuELEC Add-on (You can download a Kodi add-on for N2 board from this link)


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