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      3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)
      • 3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

      3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board (MIKROE-491)

      3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board
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      3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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      3.3V Voltage Regulator Board converts voltage from 3.3V to 5V with 250mA maximum output current.  The board features a Step-Up/Down/Inverting Switching Regulator MC34063A.  On-Board screw-terminated connectors enable easy connection.


      The 3.3V Voltage Regulator Board features a monolithic control circuit MC34063Acontaining the primary functions required for DC−to−DC converters. These devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, driver and high current output switch. This board is ideal for projects requiring conversion from 5V to 3.3V.

      The board receives 3.3V input voltage and converts it into a stable 5V DC output voltage. It is capable of delivering around 250mA maximum output current, which is suitable for most small electronic projects. Compact and inexpensive, this board is perfect for use when a 3.3V to 5V power source conversion is needed.


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      3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board

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