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This 3.3v I/O POD has a combined Realtime clock, 32Kb EEPROM and temperature sensor. The on board devices are I2C, so are supported by the Raspberry Pi, Beagle, Arduino and many other platforms. This module includes everything you need to get going (batteries, cables etc) without even picking up a soldering iron. The POD range was designed to be simple, fast and complete to use. Once you've gone POD you'll never go BOB again :)

The main functions are:

  • Battery backed up Realtime clock (Your micro can now keep the time over power outages and resets)
  • EEPROM (You can use this as fast secondary off line storage)
  • Temperature sensor (You can read the ambient temperature)
  • Comes supplied with a ribbon cable - male to female (Allows you to plug into male (eg Pi) or female (eg Arduino connectors)
  • Stack headers (Most of the I2C based I/O pods can be stacked within address limits)
  • CR1220 button cell (everthing you need to get going is included)

The I/O POD range makes it really easy to swap, test, develop and build your projects. Rather than simple break out boards, the I/O PODs follow a common layout so they are easily interchangeable. All I/O PODs use industry standard interfaces, either I2C or SPI. 


  • Real Time Clock (BQ32000 from TI) I2C address is HEX(68)
  • Temperature sensor (TMP100NA from TI) I2C address is HEX(48)
  • 32Kb EEPROM (24LC256) I2C address is HEX(50)
  • Common I/O POD 8 way stacking header
  • Works with any 3V3 Microcontroller
  • Code examples on the net for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Includes 4 Way Male-Female jumper wire (colour will vary from shown as they are taken from larger ribbons)
  • Common pinout across the PowerPOD Range
  • Made in the UK

Technical data

Dimensions: 30mm x 21mm x 19mm 


BQ3200 Datasheet

TMP100NA Datasheet

24LC256 Datasheet

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