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* nahradene MB-90040 * Ultimate Robot Kit Blue -No Electronics (Makeblock 91008)

* nahradene MB-90040 * Ultimate Robot Kit Blue -No Electronics (Makeblock 91008)

Makeblock Ultimate Kits covers the functions of Makeblock Starter Kit and Makeblock Advanced Kit. Adding more beams and other mechanical parts. Sliders and V-Slot bearing can be used to build flexible linear motion mechanism, Makeblock high torque digital servo included, can be used to build 2-DOF robot arm.

●   Strong aluminum extrusion parts, anodizing surface
●   Metal gear motor with back shaft
●   Different configuration of 2-wheel drive moving platform
●   Different configuration of tracked platform
●   Makeblock customized high torque servo included
●   Building Linear motion mechanism
●   Building 4-legged crawler robot
●   2-DOF robot arm
●   Aluminum robot gripper
●   Extra parts for exploring other configuration

Parts are packed in a translucent plastic tool box.


Part List:



Guide for building the robots: 



1.Makeblock Socket Cap Screw will be replaced by  Button Head Socket Cap Screw gradually, and the tool HEX Screwdriver 3mm will be replaced by HEX Screwdriver 2.5mm.

 Button Head Socket Cap Screw is a new kind of Socket Cap Screw, it has smaller head that can solve most problem of interfere with other components.

2.The DC Motor-37 Bracket in this kit may be DC Motor-37 Bracket A or DC Motor-37 Bracket B, they are in different shape but the usage are the same.

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