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      Compact Flash Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA) CFC
      • Compact Flash Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA) CFC

      Compact Flash Board (MIKROE-76) CFC

      Compact Flash Board CFC
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      Compact Flash Board (MIKROELEKTRONIKA)

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      Compact Flash Board is a development tool for CF mass storage cards.


      Easy way to use Compact Flash Memory Cards in your prototype and data acquisition devices.


      IDC10 Connectors enable easy connection with peripheral devices. 


      The Compact Flash Board supports CompactFlash® Cards - small, removable mass storage devices. It provides a complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility. Many leading consumer electronics companies, including the CFA's members, have designed CF technology next-generation products for consumer market. CF technology offers all of these applications a new and expanded functionality while enabling smaller and lighter designs.


      Examples provided with this board will show you how to connect CF cards to the microcontroller easily. Each example contains a detailed description of the relevant program including comments. All examples can be downloaded from this page as well.

      • Example of writing data to Compact Flash.
      • Example of reading data from Compact Flash.
      • Example of Compact Flash Card detection.
      • Example of ADC conversion with data storage inCompact Flash.
      • Example of FAT16 file writing.
      • Example of FAT16 file reading.
      • Reading temperature from DS1820 with data storage in Compact Flash.
      • Reading data from CF and sending it to RS232.
      • Reading data from CF and sending it to LEDs.

      Download Data Sheet

      Compact Flash Board CFC

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