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  • .NET Micro Framework
    Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
  • 8051 Development Tools
    8051 Development Tools
  • Analog Development Boards
    Analog Development Boards
  • AVR Development Tools
    Atmel AVR Development Tools
  • BeagleBoard BeagleBone
  • Cubieboard Cubietruck
    Cubieboard Cubietruck
  • Cypress PSoC Tools
    Cypress PSoC Development
  • JTAG Tools

    JTAG Tools

  • Data Loggers
    Data Loggers
  • Android MINI PC /...

    Android MINI PC / Development Kit

  • dsPIC PIC24 Tools
    dsPIC PIC24 Development Tools
  • Emulátory
  • Fiber Optic
    Fiber Optic
  • Intel
    Intel® Quark SoC X1000
  • MAXQ2000
    MAXQ2000 Maxim Integrated Low-Power LCD Microcontroller Industry's Highest MIPS/mA, 16-Bit, RISC Microcontroller
  • MSP / Texas Instruments
    MSP / Texas Instruments
  • Parallax / Basic Stamp...
    Parallax / Basic Stamp / Propeller
  • PIC Development Tools
    Microchip PIC Development Tools
  • PIC32 Tools
    PIC32 Development Tools
  • PIC32MZ
    PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity (EC) Family of 32-bit MCUs
    A PICAXE chip is a standard Microchip PIC microcontroller that has been pre-programmed with the PICAXE bootstrap firmware code. PICAXE chips can be programmed in a very simple to learn BASIC language or via graphical flowcharts. The programming language is designed to give you all the powerful features of the microcontroller without any complicated programming language to learn.
  • Programátory
  • Single board Linux...
    Single board Linux PC
  • System On Modules
    System-On-Modules - SOM
  • Web Server
    Web Server
  • Xilinx ALTERA FPGA

    Xilinx ALTERA FPGA

  • x86 Vortex86

    x86 Vortex86

    32-bit x86 processor compatible with DOS, Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks and other popular 32-bit RTOSes. Inside its tiny 288 pin TFBGA package, it packs 16KB write through 4-way L1 cache, 128KB write through/write back 4-way L2 cache, 2.5Ghz PCI-E Bus, DDR3, ROM controller, xISA, I2C, SPI, IPC (Internal Peripheral Controllers with DMA and interrupt timer/counter included), Fast Ethernet, FIFO UART, USB2.0 Host and SD/SATA controllers provide an ideal solution for the embedded systems. In addition to the standard features found here and in our other System-on-Chips, the Vortex86EX stands out from the bunch with a full customizable I/O system.

  • Banana Pi

    Banana Pi

    Open Source hardware platform which was produced to run the Elastos.org open source OS among others. Banana PI a dual core, Android 4.2 product which is much better than the Raspberry Pi. The Banana Pi hardware runs Android, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, OpenSuse linux and images that run on the Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard. Banana PI has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a SATA Socket. It can run with Android 4.2.2 smoothly. The size of Banana PI M1 is about the same size as a credit card, It can easily run games as it supports 1080P high definition video output. The GPIO is compatible with Raspberry Pi and can run Raspberry Pi images directly.


    ODROID Hardkernel

    ODROID : Android mobile game console developement platform with S5PC100 
    ODROID-T : Android 10.1“ tablet development platform with Exynos3110
    ODROID-S : An affordable Mobile development platform with Exynos3110 
    ODROID-7 : E-Book/CNS development platform with Exynos3110 
    ODROID-A : Dual-core & 3G modem integrated tablet dev. platform with Exynos4210 
    ODROID-PC : Internet TV and Smart Set-top box dev.platform with Exynos4210 
    ODROID-A4 : Palm sized Handheld Mobile & Media player dev. platform with Exynos4210 
    ODROID-Q : ARM Quad-Core integrated tablet development platform with Exynos4412 
    ODROID-X : lowest cost ARM Quad-Core development board with Exynos4412 
    ODROID-X2 : ODROID-X with 1.7GHz Exynos4412 Prime and 2GB RAM
    ODROID-U2 : ODROID-U with 1.7GHz Exynos4412 Prime and 2GB RAM 
    ODROID-XU : lowest cost ARM Octa-Core big.LITTLE board computer with Exynos5410
    ODROID-U3 : ODROID-U2 with 1.7GHz Exynos4412 Prime and 2GB RAM
    ODROID-XU3 : HMP enabled ARM Octa-Core big.LITTLE board computer with Exynos5422
    ODROID-W : Raspberry Pi software compatible miniature computing module based on BCM2835 SoC

  • FTDI Chip’s FT90x, ..

    FTDI Chip’s FT90x, ..

  • Onion (Omega2)

    Onion (Omega2)

    It is a Linux computer designed specifically for building connected hardware applications. It combines the tiny form factor and power-efficiency of the Arduino, with the power and flexibilities of the Raspberry Pi.

  • Základné dosky

    Základné dosky

  • AI - Deep Learning -...

    AI - Deep Learning - Neural Network - Artificial Intelligence Hardware 

  • ARM Development Tools

    ARM Development Tools

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